Current Readings & Summer Reading!

I do a lot of reading. A LOT of reading. Lately, it has been mostly required reading for my English major, however, I do have ambitious plans for the (short) summer break that I get. However, I also wanted to discuss the two books I am reading now that are incredible.


Currently, I am reading Born a Crime by Trevor Noah for my self-writing class. No wonder this book is a freaking bestseller. From the first paragraph written, I am pulled in and completely breathless. This book has knocked the breath right out of me. Noah writes about growing up in apartheid South Africa  and the liberation afterwards. He is born of a black mother and a white father. Noah brings you into a world that none of us born in the United States can begin to understand. His perspective has opened my eyes and knocked the breath out of me. I have read many books since I began reading at 2 years old, but this one takes the cake. I cannot put it down, not because the suspense but how I crave his perspective of a world I don’t understand and his honesty of a life that I will never know. Read. This. Book.



At the same time, I am reading Alligator Candy by David Kushner for the same class (an individual project). This book is also incredible. Kushner writes about the tragedy of losing his older brother, Jon to a gruesome kidnapping and murder. His perspective as a family member of a victim is incredibly powerful. I haven’t finished the book, but he investigates his brother’s murder using his skills as a journalist. So far, the book reads beautifully. He is honest and focused on the facts, a true journalist. Not only that, but he brings so much powerful emotional honesty that leaves you speechless but with such a heavy heart. This book is fantastic.


My reading for the short summer! Before I go off to my lake vacation, I will be finishing a book I started: That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor. Watching a lot of documentaries made me interested in this woman who stole the heart of a King who chose her over the throne. I started the book awhile ago, but because of class and reading – I couldn’t finish it. I will be continuing and hopefully finishing it before going onto my lake vacation. All of these books are ones that I’ve been dying to read. I’m anticipating them to be easy reads for the summer. Some of mystery and intrigue and others of captivating stories. Sherman Alexie’s memoir is one that I have been dying to read – one of my favorite authors I crave his writing. Stay tuned for my currently readings!


A Comeback. Kind of.

I meant to blog about being a mom, wife, and whatever else I wanted to write about months ago, but I decided to be busy and not have time. I guess. Currently, I am taking a course discussing self-writing and reading memoirs and autobiographies. So, the book we are reading has inspired me to blog again and blog about my life as it happens. So, here are some things on my mind currently…

  1. I am pretty sure my three year old male cat has mental illness. He hates people he doesn’t know, hides under the bed, sometimes can only deal with three head rubs exactly, and is not as smart as normal cats. Apparently, talking calmly, cleaning his litter box out twice a day, and feeding him on time helps.
  2. Being a post-grad student in a class of undergrads is super difficult. Values, goals, and perspectives are different. They will never understand you, but you totally know what point in life they are at.
  3. My husband is super offensive, but I kind of like it. How fun would it be to have someone who agrees with you all the time?
  4. I am very tempted to wake up my husband to clean the pot of oil from when he made french fries, but I know I could possibly die if I wake him up right now.
Jax, my “special” cat.



While reading Jenny Lawson’s, Furiously Happy, I realized that I should just write about my life. I should write about the odd conversations my husband and I have, my uncanny ability to procrastinate, the values I want my son to grow up having, the fact that my pelvic ultrasound found a mass on my liver and I am overthinking it to the “n”th degree, and that marriage is hardest relationship you will have with another human being ever.

So, I’ll start blogging more. I hope.